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Helping Out Without Burning Out

As promotores, community workers, social workers and advocates we go the extra mile to help the families and individuals with whom we work. But is there such a thing as a mile too far? Often times we give and give at the risk at overtaxing our own physical, mental and spiritual health. At what point do your own needs take precedence over those of the people you’re helping? … Continue Reading →

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Promotores as Part of Integrated Patient Care

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in a hospital setting, I am reminded every day of the important role promotores, or community health workers, play in the health and recovery of patients in our community. Promotores are invaluable partners, educators and collaborators; unfortunately many physicians, nurses, case managers, social workers, therapists and other health professionals are not aware of the expertise promotores bring, thus don’t know how to incorporate their services into the patients’ care. … Continue Reading →

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Promotoras: Promoting Health in our Community

I know we’ve been writing quite a bit about promotoras on this blog. They are, after all, an integral part of the Latino Leadership Council’s programs. But they do so much more than the Zumba classes we’ve referenced here. They are really the boots on the ground and the bridges between the community and the available services and information. … Continue Reading →

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