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A Year of Racial Tension

The last year has been a watershed moment across the nation in the relationship between law enforcement and communities of color. I clearly remember, almost exactly a year ago, watching images on my television of Ferguson burning. Tension and mistrust between law enforcement and minority communities that have been smoldering for generations have caught fire, sometimes explosively, throughout the nation. It is critical for our community to not ignore our smoldering tinder, but rather work to extinguish it before we follow suit with what has been happening in other communities. … Continue Reading →

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Collaboration Changes Lives and Languages

Recently, the Sierra Foothills Unitarian Universalists (SFUU) approached the Latino Leadership Council wanting to help the Latino community in Auburn. They were driven by a desire to engage and help the community and were looking for assistance in identifying how they could best address an important need. We are always happy to help others feed their desires to work with the community and the opportunity to collaborate with other organizations, so we took them up on their generous offer. … Continue Reading →

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Improving Collaboration between Minority Nonprofits and Government Agencies

Collaboration between minority nonprofit organizations, like the Latino Leadership Council, and government agencies is crucial to addressing our community’s needs. Neither of us can go at it alone successfully, yet it seems like the two sides are often at odds with each other. How can minority nonprofits and government agencies best partner and work together? … Continue Reading →

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Leading Through Collaboration

As Latinos, we are community-focused by nature. We know we don’t have all the answers or the power to single-handedly effect the changes our community needs. That’s why we work closely with other organizations, individuals and the community itself to leverage our resources, double our efforts and work hand in hand to better our community. There’s a lot of work to be done and a lot of needs to address, and we can only succeed if we work collaboratively. … Continue Reading →

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