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The Latino Leadership Council’s programs are based largely on the promotora model—community workers engaged in the communities in which they live, helping their peers in a culturally and linguistically competent way. Promotores are trained paraprofessionals, cultural brokers and, more importantly, trusted resources in the community. They help families navigate the system and access resources; provide translation, advocacy, support and transportation assistance if needed; and assist health care and service providers to deliver care in a culturally meaningful manner.

Our promotores focus on three key areas: Health, Juvenile Justice and Education. If you would like to refer an individual or family living in Placer County, you can complete the online referal form or download a PDF and complete Page 1 and return it to Elisa Herrera at the address listed on the form. If possible, have the individual or family sign the Confidentialy Disclosure on page 2 and return that with the referral. The last two pages provide useful information for the individual or family, letting them know how the promotoras can help them.

Physical and Mental Health:

Promotores educate Latino families on a variety of health and mental health issues, and help them access the medical help they need. Since 2009, the Latino Leadership Council, in collaboration with the Placer County Community Health Department, has organized health screening services for Latinos in Lincoln and Roseville. The health fairs provide services in Spanish to hundreds of uninsured adults.

The Latino Leadership Council also offers seasonal flu shot clinics for the Latino populations in Lincoln, Roseville and Auburn, typically vaccinating more than 350 adults at every year.

Other health programs include a teen pregnancy prevention program intended as a way to increase communication and comfort levels, so that mothers and daughters can openly discuss all aspects of sexual relations, including disease and pregnancy prevention, peer pressure, dating violence and more. The approach of engaging both parents and their adolescents helps increase comfort around sexual discussions, honors the family unit and the authoritative role that Latino parents have with their children and decreases the secretive behaviors by teens that put them at a greater risk of pregnancy.

The Latino Leadership Council takes a very preventive approach to physical and mental health, developing programs that not only educate Latinos about health topics, but also address other issues like self-determination and a sense of belonging, which can affect a person’s mental health. El Rincon de las Comadres, for example, is a program that brings Latinas together to share and learn from each other skills, crafts and knowledge that will help them excel in their personal and professional lives—even learning how to start their own small business. The group also focuses on preserving their rich culture and passing it down to the next generation. The program builds relationships that help address issues of cultural isolation and empowers participants with the skills and knowledge needed to take control of their personal situations, and avoid the stresses and pressures that can lead to mental and physical health problems.

Other programs include substance abuse and prevention, where adults and youth come together to learn the effects of substance abuse, the impact and consequences of American laws and culture and the toll substance abuse takes on their families.

Juvenile Justice:

Several Latino Leadership Council programs directly address social issues and social disparities within the Latino community, particularly among youth. The Parent Project is the first and only Spanish language Parent Project curriculum in Placer County. The project was developed in response to emerging gang issues and requests by community members for training and help understanding and effectively dealing with their out of control adolescents.

Auburn Latino Teens Advancing (ALTA) is a youth-led group dedicated to creating positive, fun activities to engage Latino teens. From days at the water park to an afternoon volunteering, the group provides a positive, empowering atmosphere, develops productive relationships and teaches youth valuable leadership and community engagement skills.

Other activities include a gang prevention program, where youth recently created a Spanish language video addressing the cultural issues that lead Latino youth to the streets, and offers counsel and simple steps to keep youth from gangs. And for those youth who weren’t reached in time, our youth promotores visit incarcerated Latino youth and help them refocus their lives on more positive goals and incorporate back into society after they are released. Our youth mentors and promotores help kids and young adults with social or health issues they may be confronting.

Upcoming Events:

Parent Project: The LLC is offering a 16-week Spanish-language Parent Project in Auburn, CA, beginning January 15, 2014.
Refer to the Parent Project Flyer for details and you can use the Referral Form if you wish to refer a family to the program.
Please complete the referral form and send it to


For those needing assistance accessing school resources for their kids, our promotoras can help them navigate the school system, access education support, help establish and strengthen communication between parents, teachers and school administrators and provide the support the children need.