Story about Exercise Becomes an Exercise in Civility

Last week the Sacramento Bee did a wonderful story on the Latino Leadership Council’s promotora program—specifically the free Zumba and nutrition classes led by promotoras. The classes are a great way for Latinas in the community to come together, get some exercise, build camaraderie, share experiences and learn valuable nutrition and health information. While the story was very positive, I was taken aback by the speed in which the story’s online comment board turned nasty and vile. … Continue Reading →

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Lost in Translation: Kids as Translators have so Much to Lose

Go to any bank, clinic, school or grocery store in California and you’ll run into this more often than not—kids translating for their non-English-speaking parents. While it may seem a benign gesture for kids to step in and help their parents ask where a certain food item is located in the grocery store, the practice has far-reaching implications that are often overlooked for the sake of convenience. … Continue Reading →

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Taking (Rhythmic) Steps to Better Health

One of the great things about Latino culture is the food—who doesn’t like pan dulce, sopes or tamales? Unfortunately, all that culinary yumminess is also one of the reasons why Latinos have such a high obesity and diabetes rate. That doesn’t mean we need to give it all up…after all, food is as much part of our culture as our music, our family bonds, our language and our rocky relationship with punctuality. With the right mix of moderation and exercise, we can still fully enjoy our tortas and chilaquiles. … Continue Reading →

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