Leading Through Collaboration

As Latinos, we are community-focused by nature. Our definition of extended family spans beyond the walls of our homes and our familial ties and reaches out to the communities in which we live. I guess that probably explains the oft-quoted Spanish idiom of “mi casa es su casa.” After all, our community is our home. At the Latino Leadership Council, we work hard to make that home—our community—a better place.

We know we don’t have all the answers or the power to single-handedly effect the changes our community needs. That’s why we work closely with other organizations, individuals and the community itself to leverage our resources, double our efforts and work hand in hand to better our community. There’s a lot of work to be done and a lot of needs to address, and we can only succeed if we work collaboratively.

Placer Collaborative NetworkWe were pleasantly surprised when we were recently selected by the Placer Collaborative Network as the recipients of the 2010 Outstanding Collaboration Award. After all, we were working with our extended family to increase the quality of life of those living in our homes and community. Collaboration is just the natural way we do things.

“They’ve partnered with many organizations to improve the health of hundreds of people in the Latino community, through health screenings, immunizations, educational, fitness and social events” said Janice LeRoux, First Five Placer and Placer Collaborative Network Co-Chair. Since 2007, we’ve been working as a group, committed to changing and meeting the needs of our community. We work directly with families and individuals, addressing various aspects of their daily lives, meeting their needs and changing our community one family at a time. At the same time, we’re working with our partner agencies to change the way nonprofits work with communities and increasing the collective sustainability of our efforts.

We could not have achieved everything we’ve done without the help of our partner organizations. But there’s still a lot of work to do, and we look forward to working together to lift our community by enhancing the wellness and leadership capacity of our Latino populations. If you or your organization share a similar goal, we invite you to collaborate and work with us…after all, mi casa es su casa.

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